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Miigen Memories are the building blocks of your online legacy.

Memories showcase your memorable moments by using four favourite photos from a memory and allowing the addition of a caption, location and date tags to each photo.

Your MemoriesĀ on Miigen

You are even able to record and add a voice clip to the photos in your memories, allowing you to tell the story of the moment in your own voice and words. This is a very strong addition to your digital time capsule, allowing future generations hear you describing the memory as you remember it and how much it means to you.

Every Memory creates a photo album in the Photos tool. If more than four photos are uploaded to a Memory, the first four will go into the Memory itself, while all of the photos, including the first four, will go into the Memory’s album. This means that you can keep a collection of photos for each memory.

A Memory with a voice tag

Start building your digital time capsule today.

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