Miigen - Create your digital time capsule today!

Our Memory can play tricks on us. Those "it's on the tip of my tongue" moments or déjà vu.
We will miss it when it’s gone so let’s protect and save it.

Our lives are a journey of learning. We spend years gathering information and emotions that deserve to be shared and remembered by our love ones. By creating your Digital Time Capsule you have the reassurance that your memory is on tap for you to use when alive before leaving a lasting legacy.


At Miigen we are building Life Rafts of voice personalised memories to help us retain our memory for as long as possible. 

Our Digital Time Capsule Builder converts your old paper photographs; stored in old cases and shoeboxes in your attic into digital Miigen Moments - which are then enhanced by adding the emotion of the moment via a voice tag.  These can be accessed on any device anywhere in the world to share and enjoy for the rest of your life. 

Wouldn't it be great to have the comfort blanket of knowing that Miigen is there to help you remember the special moments in your life at a time when your memory is failing.  We are all motivated and assured by our past.  It is the bedrock of who we are and what makes us who we are. 

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Miigen is a secure, trusted online application for storing your memories.

Miigen is easy to use and allows families to interact to build the Life Raft of memories their parents and grandparents will benefit from in later life. Now you can make a difference in managing memory loss in your family.

Miigen on iPad
Miigen on iPad
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A Miigen memory is a moment frozen in time in your words and voice.  It's goal is to reignite lost memories.

Your Miigen Profile is fully Private. It is a record of your memories to enjoy, share or memorialise as you wish.  Your Digital Time Capsule is where you will go to learn about your life again. 

Show the best of your memories Add voice memos on Memories Add your favourite photos Choose who you would like to see this memory

Save your special memories, forever, in a digital format

Miigen is a catalogue of the most special moments in your life – it is an easy way to tell the story of your life, your community and your generation in digital format. At Miigen we are saving the lives and memories of our older adults one moment at a time.

Add personalised voice tags to the photos in your memories

How many times have you looked at an old photograph and wondered who was in it? In many cases our gran wrote the who, the where and the when on the back. In Miigen we go one step further and have you tell the story of the photograph in your words.

Upload your favourite photos from your albums or Facebook

We all have photographs spread all over both in paper and digital formats in various albums and social media outlets. When you create a new memory in Miigen you can select images from existing albums, Facebook albums and posts.

Choose who can see your memories and how they are shared

Privacy is at the core of the Miigen application. Everything you create is set to a private memory which you can then decide to share or memorialise at the click of a button – they can be share as public posts or in your selected groups.

Miigen Group Memories are made to share. They can help others at a time they need reassurance or support. 

Miigen Groups are where families interact to share family memories which help build a Life Raft of Memories for their family and friends. By leaving multiple "Voice Tags" on Group Memories we create a powerful collective memory that benefits the whole family. 

Miigen on iPad