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You can create a Miigen account on the Miigen Homepage or by clicking here and opening the Sign Up pop-up.

The Sign up pop-up on Miigen

Signing up on Miigen

There are two different ways of signing up on Miigen. You can either enter your details manually or sign up with Facebook.

  1. Sign up with Facebook
  2. Sign up Manually

Sign up with Facebook 

The quickest way to sign up on Miigen is by signing up with Facebook. You can do this by selecting the Continue with Facebook button

You will be asked to allow Miigen to access your Facebook Profile so we can sign you up and allow you to easily sign in to Miigen.

Please Note: If you do not accept this pop-up, we will be unable to register you on Miigen using Facebook and you will have to register manually.

Sign up Manually 

You can enter your information manually by filling in the fields below the Facebook button.

Once you have entered your information, you will have to accept the Terms and Conditions and then click Sign Up button at the bottom of the pop-up.

You will now be registered on Miigen and will be redirected to your Profile!

Ask us a question on Messenger

If you need further support, get in touch with us on Messenger via our Facebook Page. Click the button below to start a conversation!

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Get in touch via Email

Find out more about Miigen or any issues you may have using the platform by sending our Support team an email!

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