What Is Miigen? - Miigen.com

Enhancing the Quality of Later Live Living and Mental Wellbeing of our Ageing Population

Our Social Impact Project drives the growth of our audience and our collaborative business model ensures we attract the best products and services for our users.

We encourage families and older adults to build a digital time capsule in their words; and uniquely in their voice, to use as “memory triggers” in later life; before leaving a lasting legacy for their family to enjoy for generations to come. 

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Building Online and Offline Communities - reconnecting families and closing the inter-generational gap

A very important goal of Miigen is to create a socially inclusive online community that encourages offline interaction - via events and learning opportunities. We aim to be the social media platform of choice for older adults who are looking for inspiration on elderly living.
We see Miigen encouraging a conversation between grandparents, parents and grandkids on the early lives of our older adults. 

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Losing your Memory is Terrifying.  Miigen is where we will go in Later Life to learn about our lives again

Losing your memory robs us of our memories; memories that are the bedrock of our lives.  With Miigen you control how you want to be remembered on a secure Private Platform with Tools and services to enhance the quality of later live living - with Miigen you are never forgotten.  

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We are all connected by Memories and Experiences - Sharing these enriches our Community

We want to encourage our user base to take ownership of Miigen content generation through volunteering, building local offline communities and by using Miigen as their management tool. For instance, you could use our upcoming Event tool to arrange coffee mornings or our Art Gallery tool to arrange online exhibitions of local “dabblers”.

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Unique and Easy to use Tools aimed at increasing Confidence when Working Online

Miigen is simple to use and has a variety of online tools to help you manage your lives online. Tools include our Will Builder, Event Manager, Audio Diary and Jewellery Appraisal Request.
Miigen gives us a worthwhile activity to do in later life that teaches digital skills through doing and sharing. 

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