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  1. First, click on one of your folders on the SimpliSafe page. The Miigen SimpliSafe tool pick folder
  2. When in the folder view, you can click on the orange button "Add Files". That will display the below 'Choose Files' popup The Miigen SimpliSafe tool Choose Files
  3. When on the 'Choose files' popup, click the button 2nd on the left 'Facebook Photos'. This will bring up a window containing your Facebook photo albums where you can browse the albums and select the images you wish to add. The Miigen SimpliSafe tool file from album
  4. After your images have been selected, the below progress notice will be displayed.
    The Miigen SimpliSafe tool files being secured
  5. After those images are secured, you will have an option to change their display names, as in the below screen. Click in the text box with 'Enter an optional title for this file' to change title.
  6. You have the option here for choosing a custom icon for the file, if you click on the downarrow next to the icon, as in the screenshot below, you can then click on one of the various icon options. The Miigen SimpliSafe tool select icon


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