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For families whose elderly parents or grandparents are going into care having a Miigen Digital Time Capsule helps connect with their loved ones as a family.

We encourage Care Homes to become Miigen Biographers and help your residents maintain their connection to their family, while at the same time collecting and collating the stories of the lives of your residents.

Building a Digital Time Capsule before their family member goes into care will give the family a focus and purpose – making their loved ones feel connected.

Care giving

Miigen is ideal for enhancing the Well-being of older adults in Care.  It is a useful tool in reminiscence therapy and keeping your mind active.

We all love to tell stories; more so as we age.  Story telling and our voice in particular helps us recall the details and people that have made an impression on us.  Having immediate access to these when our memory is frail helps fill in the gaps. 

A care home visit then becomes an exercise in learning more of the early lives of our residents while keeping their mind and emotions active.  

With Miigen, the family are constantly connected to their family member in care. They can create memories that a parent or grandparent can voice tag at the touch of a button to tell the story of a moment of their life.

Benefits to Your Care Home of adopting Miigen as a Memory Management Tool. 

Interaction with Your Community

Miigen is an innovative tool used to connect with the community you serve, by creating a Miigen Group to share stories.

Improves Wellbeing in Residents

Using Miigen to manage the life stories of your residents encourages interaction and increases the self-worth of the individual.

Onboarding of New Residents

Miigen can aid in the stress of bringing someone into care and connect your staff with the person and their family before they arrive.

Foster Interaction with Residents

People love to tell stories and people love to listen. Miigen is the perfect interactive tool that all the residents can share.

Attract Young People

With Miigen you will change the perception of working in care for the younger generation. Young people love new tech and social media.

Strategic Community Partners

The Miigen Group functionality allows partners such as the scouts and guides to come in and aid your residents in the use of Miigen.

The Well-being Benefits for Your Residents and their Families.

Cognative Learning

Cognitive Learning

Miigen helps extend the attention span, memory and reasoning of the user by reconnecting them with lost or fading memories.

Reminiscence Therapy

Reminiscence Therapy

Our voice tagging technology acts as a memory trigger to ignite forgotten moments. Your own voice telling the story is a powerful thing.



Being reminded of the most special moments of your life at a time when you need them most is guaranteed to make you smile.

Active Mind Active Memories

Active Mind Active Memories

Keeping the mind active is important. Uploading images and stories can often recall memories that are locked away in your mind.

Reconnecting Families

Reconnecting Families

Miigen groups allows families to stay connected with their loved ones. Families can share new memories quickly with care residents.

Eradicate Loneliness

Eradicate Loneliness

When you have a lifetime of memories and stories to tell you will never be alone. Miigen is your digital autobiography for sharing.

At Miigen, we want to help you increase the mental well-being of the residents in your care. We want to help you empower them to tell the stories of the great lives they have had and then be able to play these memories back to them when they need them most.