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Become part of a movement collecting the stories of our Generation? Help save the lives and memories of your community while earning.

Many of us are already proactive in our community: working on enhancing the quality of later life for our elderly citizens. By becoming a Miigen Biographer you have access to additional resources to help you succeed while becoming part of a Global Social Impact Project.


Every community has a story to tell. As a Miigen Biographer you help collect and collate these stories by creating Community Groups where locals can add their voice to their history.

For generations sharing stories has been the method we learned about our past.  Be it the elder in the village or the local social historian - they all had stories that when shared made us sit up and listen.  The sound of their words engaged us and helped trigger our own memories of the event or time.  These words made us happy and safe. 

We want to capture these spoken stories and collate them to the benefit of all.  These stories can help others reignite their lost memories and help in the management of later life memory loss. 

Come and help us.  Click the 'Become a Biographer' button above and complete the form.

How can you make a difference as a Miigen Biographer in your Community?

The Miigen Biographer programme is ideal for community leaders who are active in their community, be it arranging coffee mornings or organising activity events for older adults.

We bring an activity that is both life affirming and impactful within your community. By encouraging your older adults to tell the story of their life and their community; that at the moment is held captive in a shoebox in the loft gathering dust, we reconnect the person with their earlier life.

One of our core aims, for Miigen, is to help reduce loneliness in our older adults. At a time when there is an increase in Alzheimer’s and Dementia we feel that no older adult should sit at home alone when they have a story in their shoebox to share.

By building a personalised "Life Raft" of voice enhanced memories ensures you have immediate access to the story of your life in bite sized moments you and your family can use to remember who you are. 

So if you have free time and would like to join our Global "Army" of Miigen Biographers and be involved in a Social Impact project that aims to extend the working memory of our older adults - we would love to have you help. 

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How do I get Involved?

Register your Interest

Register with us as a Miigen Biographer and tell us a little more about your group. We are here to help so please ask. 

We set up a Zoom Call

One of our Miigen Team will set up a group call with other potential Biographers with more details on the programme.  

Event Marketing Materials

We create both PDF and email marketing material for you to send out to your group.  You simply need to advertise your event. 

Miigen Group Creation

We will design, create and co-manage a Miigen Group for you to use to capture the life memories of your community.

We Run Online Tutorials

 Miigen is in constant development.  Our regular online tutorials will showcase new functionality and updates. 

Miigen Support

We will provide comprehensive both online and telephone support to help you grow your Miigen Group Profile.

The rewards of being a Miigen Biographer?

The Miigen Biographer programme was established to bring together like minded people and provide them with the tools to support their efforts in helping older adults retain their memories for as long as possible.  

We understand that it is time consuming, no matter how rewarding to help out others, so we have designed a benefits package which allows our Biographers to be able to earn commissions on our products and in the future our partners products and services. 

Not only do we offer our Biographers the opportunity to earn revenue they can also earn points for signing up users.

Please take a moment to consider coming and joining us on this amazing journey to help save the lives and memories of our elderly generation.