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Enhancing the Quality of Later Life Living in Particular The Mental Wellbeing of our Ageing Population

We are living longer as medical advances maintain our physical health.  However, with this longevity comes an increase in the numbers of us who will suffer from memory loss - it is predicted that by 2035 one in four over 65's will suffer from the early onset of dementia. 

At Miigen we encourage families and older adults to build a "Life raft of Voice Enhanced Memories" saved as a digital time capsule in their words; and uniquely in their voice, to use as “memory triggers” in later life; before leaving a lasting legacy for their family to enjoy for generations to come. 

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Let's Face it Losing your Memory is Terrifying.  It Robs us of who We Are and erodes our confidence. 

You want to relive your life for all your life not just to the point your mind says so.  Our past is the foundation of who we are and is important in defining where we are now and will help mould our future.  With this comes lack of confidence, isolation and loneliness - which makes you more susceptible to the early onset on dementia.  

With our DIGITAL TIME CAPSULE BUILDER and the help of your family you can create an online presence with emotional memory triggers you can visit, throughout your life to remind you of people, places and experiences that matter to you.

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We have created a Suite of Unique, Smart and Easy to use Tools which makes Capturing the Story of Your Life Fun. 

Miigen is simple to use and has a variety of online tools to help you manage your life online. Tools include our Photo Album Builder, our Mii-VAULT encrypted storage solution. 

We are in constant development of new Tools.  Our Were You There? Tool allows multiple users to share their special moment from events they attended.  Our Bucket List Tool helps you add new memories and our Obituary Tool allows you to create memories of loved ones who have passed. 

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Families have an Important part to play in Saving our Lives and Memories - by Working Together we can build a Resource for Later Life.

We want to encourage families to join in on the creation of their Family Digital Time Capsules.  What a great opportunity to learn more about the early lives of your parents and grandparents - while at the same time helping them build a Miigen Profile which will be invaluable in Later Life.

With Covid 19 we have experienced a disconnect with families.  Miigen allows families to come together and interact with a purpose that can have such great value to us in our elderly years.  We need no longer stand by and watch our parents disappear before our eyes to dementia.  

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Building a Global Army of Partners and Biographers will Ensure we can make the Biggest Impact. 

We knew from the outset that if we wanted to make a real and powerful difference with our social impact project that we needed the help of like minded people and organisations around the world - our problem is a Global one so we set out to build a global network that benefits everyone.  

If you have an application or other product or service that will help enhance the quality of later life then we should be working together to reach mutual goals.  Our business model is based upon collaboration not competition.  Shared ideas only strengthen the opportunity for both parties. 

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