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Miigen allows you to create a Memorialised profile as you add your memories to Miigen. The Memorialised Profile is another profile on Miigen that can only be seen by yourself, though, on the occasion of your passing, a nominated executor can close your Miigen account and set the Memorialised profile active.

One of the Memorialised Themes

The idea of the Memorialised Profile is to turn your Miigen profile into a time capsule that future generations, family and friends can visit and enjoy. As you add your memories to Miigen, you can add the memory to your Memorialised Profile too (Find out how to add memories to your profile) and build up your Memorialised profile.

There are multiple different themes for your Memorialised profile and these can be switched to suit you and your preferences. (Find out how to switch your theme)

You can even edit the photos displayed on your profile, with each theme including a different amount of photo slots for filling. For example, the theme pictured above only has 2 photo slots. Editing these images is easy and you can re-order them to ensure the images are displayed as you wish. (Find out how to add photos on your memorialised profile)

You can even add a short personalised biography to your Memorialised Profile to tell people a bit more about yourself. (Find out how to add a biography)

You are in total control of your Memorialised Profile and can choose whether or not to add memories to yours and are in charge of adding a trustworthy executor that can memorialise your account after you pass away. This person won’t be able to access anything on your Miigen account, only enter a date of death and make the profile memorialised while freezing the rest of your account. (Find out how to add an executor)

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