Miigen - Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

The Miigen application requires cookies to be enabled on your website browser to be able to function fully. With cookies turned off, the use of the website will be restricted to the point of not functioning as expected. Some companies restrict cookie access within their offices and this is a policy Miigen has no control over, but personal use will be able to be adapted to allow full control.

The following cookies and sessions are in use on the site:

    This is required to authorise the use of the application.
  2. ASP.NET_SessionId
    If you are an admin user of the site, this is set to authorise entry into the adminstration section of the application after initial login with correct credentials.
  3. UserId
    In order to manage your account, we store your user ID allowed quick access to manage various aspects of the site.
  4. createPageCookie
    Used for creating a post to allow images/voice/text to be attached to the post you are creating. The cookie is immedately removed after post creation.
  5. Google Analytic Cookies
    We use analytical scripts on the site to measure visitor and interaction data on the site. This forms no part of the site functional but allows Google to record key statistics.
  6. Accepted Cookie Policy
    This is a cookie used to say you accept our policy with an expiration of a year on first acceptance.

A message will appear at the top of the page in order to notify you regarding our cookie policy. If you accept this, the cookie mesage will be hidden for a set period of time of a year. After expiration, or if you have cleared cookie information, the message will reappear asking you to accept again.